South Lagoon

Characterized by depths higher than the North Lagoon has more open spaces ideal for sailing with the sail.
Here lies the ancient village of Malamocco, the fortresses of Poveglia, the Octagon, and the “peocere”: areas of cultivation of mussels known for its wooden stilts built over the water. Passed the harbor of Alberoni there are the fishing villages of San Pietro in Volta and Pellestrina and, continuing toward south, the natural park of Cà Roman right in front of Chioggia known as the “Little Venice”. Do not forget that in this part of the lagoon there are also the beautiful Casone Zappa, the Casone of “The Seven Death Men” and the natural park of Valle Averto.

The tours you see below are just some examples, you can customize the tours following your preferences also during the tour.

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