Our Boats

All our boats are typical venetian boats. They’re made of wood and were built in Venice by local craftsmen following the tradition of the old Venetian boatbuiding. All of them are comfortable and elegant and in perfect state of maintainence.
All our boats have a 4 strokes outboard engine that makes them silent and with no vibrations for a comfortable trip.
Just find the boat that suites for you: spacious and relaxing like the bragozzo a boat made to transport families or parties of friends, or agile and versatile like the sampierotta that can go both by motor and rowing
Click on the icon of the boat that you prefer to discover its features and find the one you need


“El Sultan”was built in 2006 by the shipyard “F.lli Vidal ” in Burano and launched on June 24…



The Sampierotta was for long time the most common fishing boat in the South Lagoon of Venice…


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