The Bragozzo “El Sultan”

“El Sultan”was built in 2006 by the shipyard “F.lli Vidal ” in Burano and launched on June 24 of that year. The bragozzo is a typical fishing and transport boat of the Adriatic which had gone into disuse with the advent of modern fishing boats.
With its flat bottom, designed to sail in shallow water. “El Sultan” is entirely built of wood on a draft of 1950. It was decorated by young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice reinterpreting the classical designs of traditional Venetian boats.
It’s approved by RINA to carry 12 people. Has two benches with pillows, 2 seats on the center sundeck and a big matrass on the front sundeck. It also comes with a 220 watts electricity, refrigerator, tent to shelter from sun.


Length: 28 ft

Width: 7 ft

Dry weight: 4850 pounds

Motor: 20 hp Honda 4 stroke outboard

Cruising speed: 5.5 knots about 6.20 miles/hour


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