The Sampierotta “Mora”

The Sampierotta was for long time the most common fishing boat in the South Lagoon of Venice. Its name derives from San Piero in Volta a beautiful colorful village on the island of Pellestrina. The sampierotta is a very versatile boat that can go both by motor and rowing (upon request). Thanks to its flat bottom it can sail on very shallow water, so you can discover the most suggestive places of the lagoon of Venice.
“Mora” was buil in 1981 by the “Menetto” shypyard in S.Piero in Volta. “Menetto” was know for the elegance of the boats he built.. Despite its age, “Mora” is a beautiful, perfectly maintained boat. There’s space for 5 persons plus the driver, it has 2 benches with cushions. Thanks to its fleetness it can ride everywhere in the Lagoon of Venice.

Length: 23 ft
Width: 6 ft
Dry weight: 1550 pounds
Motor: 9,9 hp Yamaha 4 strokes outboard
Cruising speed: 5.5 knots about 6.20 miles/hour


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