Pellestrina /San Piero in Volta is a long thin, 11km strip of land in the southern part of Venice’s lagoon.
After the war of Chioggia when, in the 14th century the Genova Republic fought against Venice, four famiglie from Pellestrina took over the re building of the Island.  The families were the Busettos, the Vianellos, the Zeannaros and the Scarpas.  
They divided the island into four areas, gave their names to them and the island flourished

It is a picturesque island with its low built coloured houses, its fishing boats moored along the port, its little piazzas and its ‘carrizzade’ the name given to its short little perpendicular streets.  It is an island that has been left in time, where daily life and the fishermen are regulated by nothing more than the tides. 

When there is a local, traditional feast day, the streets are decorated with flags and streamers and the atmosphere is more southern than northern.  It is still possible to find women outside there homes, in the streets, lace working, doors open, and  a cheery hello between neighbours in the island’s own special dialect. 

It’s a beautiful not very well known place where to take a break from the crowded streets of Venice. You can also enjoy one of its delicious restaurants of fish or swim on its calm beach


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